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paperlegends post!

Title: Princes, Priestesses, Lords and Ladies
Artist: zitianos
Pairings/characters: Arthur, Merlin
Rating (if applicable): horribly, horribly PG
Warnings: none!
Summary: Merlin is the Prince of Dragons. Arthur is, well, Arthur. They get engaged! And stuff happens.
Artist's notes: I'm not worthy! D: One day, bb, I will draw you something better. But for now, this will have to do. I'm not a professional drawer, and I don't take classes any more, so concrit would be most welcome. I'm already aware of perspective fail, hand fail, meandering line shading fail, etc etc.
Story link: Princes, Priestesses, Lords and Ladies
Disclaimer: dentedsky owns this AU, BBC owns their version of the show, and no one owns Arthurian legend! I own nothing, except my art.

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